[Webinar] Don’t let your money get stolen. Toxic flow explained

Join our webinar to discover actionable insights on what toxic flow is and why it is important!

Our agenda:
- What is toxic flow and why is it important?
- CEX vs. DEX — pros and cons
- Price discovery — where does it happen?

- Nicholas Hammer, CEO at Blockfills
- Chen Arad, COO at Solidus Labs
- Michael Rabkin, Head of Institutional Sales at DV Chain

- Konstantin Shulga, CEO of Finery Markets

Join our live webinar with Coinscrum on May 25th at 3 pm CETregister here!

While cryptocurrency markets are still fragmented, failure to find a good solution that provides for low transaction cost, low counterparty risk and abundant liquidity might pose a threat to the prosperity of your business. Working with liquidity providers (LPs) rather than with a single crypto exchange might be a solution.


Common mistakes when trading in cryptocurrency markets. Introduction to the order execution costs and true liquidity.


  • Uninformed trades are primarily initiated by retail investors or by financial institutions that either execute retail orders or hedge their crypto exposure to retail buyers/sellers
  • Slippage is of low importance for uninformed traders and…

Finery Markets

Finery Markets is the first global crypto-native Multi-Dealer Platform. Powered by proprietary matching engine for best liquidity & execution quality.

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